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Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Anything, Anywhere, Anytime®: Push and Sync email, calendar, contacts & tasks on any smartphone, on any network worldwide.


What customers say on Support
  • Howdy:  I never got back to let you folks know that this tip worked perfectly. It now makes my 4SmartPhone account 100% seamless in my usage! I love it. Thanks.
    R. D., USA
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  • Thank you, you were dead on! Excellent support and service folks!
    M. Lucas, USA
  • It’s very interesting the difference between how you seem to operate and a lot of the hosted Exchange providers in Australia (and for that matter Mail2Web as well)
    JEC, Australia
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  • Thanks - all good advice! Thanks. Your response time is excellent.
    D. Cohen, USA
  • I really, really appreciate all of your help! I have had superb experiences with you guys and its been GREAT!!!
    K. Dugas, USA
  • Wow, this is one of if not the BEST customer service i have ever had!!!
    M. L., NBC, CA, USA
  • Just wanted to let you know that your tech support is 2nd to none! You guys are amazing.
    Caciolo, Coopersburg, PA, USA


What customers say on the service
  • "As an Emergency Management Agency our department needs a reliable solution 24/7 365 days a year, and 4Smartphone has done just that."
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  • "I am a busy solopreneur who depends a lot on both my computer and my phone.  Now they are one!"
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  •  “Everything we do, from Dean’s meetings to classes, is online and distributed, and relies on technology to bridge the distance.”
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  • I run a fast moving business with five employees. I chose 4Smartphone because I needed to be connected, my team needed to be connected, and we needed to be up and running fast.
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  • I called your tech support department many times during a two-day time span and was happy to see how quickly the person I spoke to understood and knew how to fix my problem.
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  • You can rest assured that I will be telling everyone I have an opportunity to speak with about your high end service and product.
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  • We have been able to extend the capability of our mobile devices hugely, just by thoughtful application of simple principles.
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  • We have enjoyed working with 4smartphone for our firm and a large group of our clients.
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  • As a physician in part-time private practice, I am able to do everything online for my practice with 4smartphone.
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  • With 4Smartphone, Carpio can now communicate quickly and efficiently wherever he is. Best of all, his clientele has increased by 50%.
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  • I shut my phone off at 7:00 in the evening, right there shaving off five hours of my day and saving about $300 a day after expenses.
    Kris Anderson, Realtor
    Your Premier Team


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